As sleep apnea and sleep-related disorders are increasingly being diagnosed, Major Medical knows the importance of providing the best patient experience and education for customers requiring a sleep device. With potentially fatal long-term effects of untreated sleep apnea such as, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack, we value the care of each patient and ensure that they work towards proper compliance with their machine to feel better each day.

Our one hour set-ups certify that our patients have ample time to get their questions asked and get the proper instruction on their products. Our resupply program also guarantees that you will receive the necessary parts to maintain a healthy device at home.

Major Medical has Respiratory Therapists on staff at each location assigned to set-up patients with their prescribed units, provide proper mask fit, and usage instruction. Whether your concerns are excessive daytime sleepiness, snoring, or fatigue and low energy, we want to help you achieve success in your health and well-being by getting a proper nights sleep. Rest assured that you are in excellent hands with Major Medical for your sleep needs, as we average 30% greater in patient sleep compliance than the National average. Contact us or visit a local showroom today for any questions.