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Major Medical wants every customer to maintain the most independence and best quality of life possible. Our home medical equipment and respiratory experts are here to evaluate your individual needs and help you find the products and services needed to meet them.

Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Helping You- Live Better!


Be recognized as the industry’s most Loved supplier.


Passionate Care

Medical professionals who deeply care about your well-being and take pride in seeing our patients thrive in the community.

Excellence In What We Do

Reliable and dedicated problem solvers who strive to exceed expectations to improve your health.

Do The Right Thing

Engaged in doing what’s right for our customers, payers, and partners to exude honesty and transparency.


Efficient communication and collaboration to make sure our customers get the services they need in a proper and timely manner.


Strategically navigating the healthcare industry to be creative in how we solve each patients’ individual needs.